Start A Blog

So you have made your mind to start a blog. Well, I am Sunny and will help you to start your blog from scratch.

start a blog
How to start a blog

Blogging can make you a passive income if you put your best efforts.

Starting a blog is easy and I will give you complete guidance to start a blog.

So basically there are quite a few steps to start a blog;

  • Find a perfect niche for your blog
  • Choosing a suitable domain name for your blog
  • Purchase a good web hosting and domain name
  • Install WordPress and design your blog
  • write content for your blog
  • Monetize it

why you should start a blog in 2020

well, 2020 is going to be the perfect time for you to start blogging. Blogging helps you to express your views. You can help people solve their problem with your blog and make money with a different opportunity like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, promoting etc.

Let’s get started;

step 1: finding a perfect niche to start your blog

This is the most important step to start your blogging journey and it’s the same step which most people took wrong and end up frustrated which led them to shut their blog.

And the best part is that it’s quite easy to select your niche(topic). Basically you should pick a topic you can talk continuously and still don’t get bored. It could be anything. In other words, you should select a topic which you are passionate about.

basically, choose a niche which is your passion and can make you money. Don’t worry I will help you how to find out how:

So make a list of things you are passionate about and search for the affiliate programs related to your niche like if you can talk on mobile phones then there are affiliate programs related to mobile phones.

Now let’s find out a profitable niche:

so after writing down your topics which you are passionate about. well first google your niche and find out how much volume and competition is there. you can check is by using free tools like google keyword planner or also you can use paid tools like aherfs.

After doing so if you find the high competition on your selected keyword you should have narrow down your topic. do a google search and find out related keywords to your niche which are high in search and low in competition.

There is also another way to find out if your niche is profitable enough. Google your keywords and see if there are ads on the top of the results. If it shows that you have selected a profitable niche

Step 2:Choosing a domain name

After choosing your niche its time to choose a suitable domain name. Well choosing a domain name is not that tough as you can easily do it so by following these simple steps and also these steps are important while choosing your domain name.

  • keyword placement: if possible try to put your main keyword in your domain name which will help you in SEO. Although it is not mandatory to have your keyword in the domain. But if it is then surely it will help you in SEO
  • simple and short: make sure your domain name is short and simple as it is easy yo remember and pronounce. Also, it is easy to brand your domain name by keeping it short and simple. Also never put numeric digits in your domain as its hard to remember numbers
  • use of a top-level domain: choosing a TLD for your domain is very beneficial. If your audience base is from India use .IN. But I personally recommend you to go for .com because it will target audience globally.

Step 3: Purchase a domain and hosting

Now its time to register your domain name online by purchasing it. There are many domain name provider in the market like GoDaddy,siteground, Bluehost etc. search for your domain name as it is available or not. If it is then it is good to go and if not then choose a different domain name as it is easy to find.

After registering your domain name its time for hosting. Hosting is a data collecting service which stores all your web data to make it available online. Choosing a good hosting provider helps you a lot for better blog growth. Based on a survey it is found that Bluehost is one of the best hosting providing company is Bluehost.

How to purchase hosting from Bluehost. Here is a step by step guide to buying Bluehost web hosting service.

blusHost hosting to start a blog
  • select your hosting plan: as it is your first blog so I recommend you to go with the basic plan
  • Search your domain name or input your existing one: type in your domain name which you have selected or if you have an existing one
Choose your domain name to start a blog
  • Create your account and make payment: after you have selected your hosting plan and domain you have to make an account on Bluehost if you have none
create your account on BlueHost to get start a blog
payment info

after payment wait sometime you will get an email of confirmation of purchasing.

Congrats now you have purchased your domain and hosting

before moving forward i would recommend you to use WordPress blogging platform as it is very easy to customize.Although there are many platform avaliable but i would suggest you to go with WordPress

Step 4: Install WordPress and design your blog

Now after purchasing a domain and hosting, its time to install the most amazing platform for blogger i.e WordPress. Go to Cpanel account in Bluehost and click my site and install WordPress.

install wordpress to start a blog

after installing it choose WordPress login details

After installing WordPress to your website you should start designing your blog.

Login to your WordPress account by searching and you will be redirected to this page

Wordpress login

After filling your information you will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard and from here your work of designer start as you will learn how to design your blog. Now from here you will find appearance option, click here and select themes.

start s blog by selecting theme option and install one

Now its time for selecting a perfect theme for your blog. The theme has its own importance to engage visitors to your blog. If possible go for the paid themes as they are more customisable and more features as compare to free theme. although you are starting your first blog so you can go with a free theme. I would recommend you ASTRA theme if you are going fir free theme. once you select themes option, you will find add new themes click it and search for the theme ASTRA. This is one of the best free themes available in the market right now.

ASTRA THEME to start a perfect blog
After installing, activate the theme and start customizing it.

If you want to go with another theme then go for it. But there are some points to remember before choosing your

  1. Your theme should be responsive
  2. It should be lightweight
  3. Make sure it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress

Step 5: Write content to start your blog

And if I said content it means quality content. Always remember content is the King. In your dashboard, you will find post option, click and start writing your first blog.

Some tips for better content writing for your blog.

  • Always use Attractive titles for your blog. A good title contains an emotion which attracts people to read your blog
  • Make your articles content-rich like somewhere between 1000-1500 word
  • Use images in your articles. Don’t use copyright images. Always use your own or free stock images
  • Learn SEO and apply it your bog for better ranking of your blog

Now the step is coming you are all are waiting for. So let’s move on

Step 6: Monetize your blog

Well, there are many ways to earn from your blog:

  • Affiliate marketing: It is the best source of online income right now in the world. You can join any affiliate program like amazon affiliate programme, ClickBank etc and start promoting their products. And is someone buys their product from your link, you will earn a commission.
  • Google Adsense: Well this probably the best option and easy to earn money online by placing ads on your blog. Once you will get approval from Google Adsense, Google starts putting adds on your blog and if someone clicks that add you will earn money.
  • promoting: Once you will start getting enough traffic to your blog, people will contact you to promote their product, blog etc and you can charge them by doing so.

Make sure writing blog post will not earn you a penny, You have to get traffic to your site and should publish quality content regularly. For better ranking learn SEO and start promoting your blog on Social media like facebook,instagram,pintrest etc.

I hope this article will help you to start a blog as soon as possible and you will start making money.

My personal guide for better blog growth:

  • Use Elementor plugin: It is a drag-drop plugin which makes your customisation super easy
  • Use Yoast SEO plugin: It will help you in better SEO
  • iTheme security: security to your blog is the no.1 priority. Use this plugin to make your blog safe.